GERmanikure introduces Self-Sharpening Scissors

(Isstories Editorial):- Palm Coast, Jun 28, 2018 ( – With GERmanikures new FINOX22 scissors line, sending scissors out for sharpening has become obsolete. The new self-sharpening scissors combine all the qualities of the companys standard world-class, stainless steel, ergonomic scissors with a two-tone coating of rich black titanium aluminium nitride, which is bonded fully to one half of the scissor to protect the sharpened edge. This coating hones the opposite stainless edge to razor sharpness each time the tool is opened and closed to extend the already long lifespan of the scissors. These heirloom quality scissors will last beyond your lifetime.

This is a very exciting new line for GERmanikure, says the companys CEO, Robert Surprise. Our team is always searching for new ways to meld the old world, traditional Solingen production with advances in technology. We demand longevity for our tools, and with the FINOX22 line we can further exceed already long product lifespans.

The FINOX22 line offers an assortment of classic, best-selling blade shapes and adds a new moustache scissor blade shape to the lineup. Discounts to already low pricing are available to professionals and students through our website, with the full scissor line available at Amazon and select retailers worldwide beginning June 2018.

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