The Breakthrough to Breakout to Be Bold, Beautiful and New By Robyn “ROYALTY” Chavis

(Isstories Editorial):- Winston-Salem, Jun 26, 2018 ( – At a time when Poverty, Family differences and its consequences are being experienced by people around the globe, Robyn Royalty Chavis announce her new book The Breakthrough to Breakout, To Be Bold, Beautiful and New. This book is a smart and savvy guide that will inspire women and unlock the keys to their worth for themselves, their Families and the world. The soft launch of the book was held at She is Bold, She is Beautiful, and She is New Womens Conferenceat the Peace Haven Baptist Church, 3384 York Road, Winston-Salem, NC. The Premier Launch held atthe Sixty-Six Pizzeria in Winston Salem May 31st to also celebrate 50 years of life for Robyn.

I was born when my parents were working for a chicken farm in Greensboro and they did not have a babysitter. My parents would take me to stay with Mother in Stokesdale during the week and sometimes pick me up for the weekend said Robyn, who in this long awaited book gave an autobiographical sketch of her life. After growing up in a dysfunctional Family, who would have ever believed that a black woman would not only work for a small family owned radio station in Davidson county, North Carolina, but that God would birth a radio program out of her very own life hardships.

Robyn relates that she received a spiritually innovative vision and mission from God to impact the lives of women and empower them to understand who God called them to be and the power they possess. She details such topics as generational curses, spirit transferences, poverty, abandonment, brokenness, and family differences. In the discourse, the tide turns and the reader will experience the generational blessings, spiritual revival, chain of hindrances being broken, life transformation, empowerment, spiritual awakening, forgiveness, freedom, liberation and victory.

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Robyn Royalty Chavis is the Executive Director of Trinity House of Refuge and she is the CEO of Robyn Chavis Ministries,both entities are headquartered in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.The Trinity House of Refuge is a Transitional Womens Home. Robyn is in the process of establishing for women who had endured traumatic life experiences, based on her own life story Which you will come to agree was a result of the obstacles and strongholds placed on her life as a child.   Robyn desires greatly to make a difference in families and others lives, to ensure generational patterns are not repeated to stop and hinder destiny in peoples lives. Robynhost of a radio talk show Ministry called A Voice to Be Heard has been interviewed on The Truth Network, with Robbie Dilmore and on The Light 1340 with The Boss Lady Anita Dean.

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