AGAINSTALLODDS23’s ‘Fundamentals (Walk It Talk It) REMIX’ Creates Quite Buzz Worldwide

(Isstories Editorial):- Boston, Jun 23, 2018 ( – Upcoming artist AGAINSTALLODDS23  who is from Boston, USA makes a grand debut in the music industry through his brand new track Fundamentals (Walk It Talk It) REMIX. This talented East Coast rapper incorporates his thoughts, ideas and his own life experiences through his music. He mainly likes to work with hip hop and rap, hip hop and trip-hop. His inspiring music is touching as well as changing the lives of people all over the world. His music is best suited for clubs and house parties.

This hard-working and determined artist has been involved with music for quite a while. He continues to impress his fans by releasing dynamic music pieces like his latest single Fundamentals (Walk It Talk It) REMIX which features an unbelievable sensational backdrop, thick and spacious beats running constantly behind it. The mood set by the overall performance and the instrumentations alone is enough to sooth a stormy and rattled mind. The familiar vocal sounds of the artists voice and the perfect representation of the thoughts and ideas through the lyrics come off as very beautifully passionate at every moment.

Each and every single element is flawlessly integrated within the mix. The vocal intricacies and particular characteristics are fairly confident and captivating. The performance comes off as naturally confident and gets you comfortable to get you lost into the melody and rhythms. The lyrics hold nothing back and it switches the vibes from light-hearted to the darker aspects of human emotions and struggle. The evolution from the aggressive rap verses to calm melody is very stunning and with every change. You find yourself drawn back into the thick and over-whelming ambiance of the entire song.

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The track connects to the audience in a beautiful way. The bass-line and compressed beats will get you hooked. For more of his latest releases, follow him on SoundCloud and Facebook.

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