EVAC+CHAIR Launches Next Generation Powered Evacuation Chair

(Isstories Editorial):- New York, Jun 19, 2018 (Issuewire.com) – EVAC CHAIR® North America LLC, maker of the original, lightest and worlds best-selling Evacuation Chairs, has announced the launch of its Evac+Chair Power 800, creating a frenzy in the market.

Rich Perl President of EVAC CHAIR® North America added ‘We are very proud of our newest chair. The Evac+Chair Power 800 not only has the quality and features unsurpassed by any other chair in the market, but also is a price point everyone can afford.  

The Evac+Chair Power 800, has Evac+Chairs specially designed track system, which enables a single user to transport a passenger over 200 flights of stairs in a single charge.  Furthermore, the Evac+Chair Power 800 standard features include an extra-long quick release 4 point harness, LED guidance lights, antimicrobial coatings, is fully flame retardant and an adjustable stair track for use on any staircase

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Developed in New York City in 1982, EVAC CHAIR® is the global industry standard for lightweight, portable evacuation chairs. Today the company sells to large and small venues, corporate entities, residential buildings, as well as globally to hotels, hospitals, office buildings, schools, assisted living facilities, residential and commercial high-rise buildings.  EVAC CHAIR® can be utilized in any multi-story building where any tenant or occupant who needs help for any reason can get down the stairs in a safe manner. 

The design of the EVAC CHAIR® Power 800 stair chair possesses a narrow profile which allows any occupant and other building occupants to ascend or descend staircases during an emergency without interference.  Its unique design allows first responders to assist anyone else with mobility impairments with relative ease.    

EVAC+CHAIR® manufactures and supplies its EVAC+CHAIR Emergency Evacuation Stair Chairs to a number of high profile organizations such as Apple, Disney and the NBA as well as a wide range of other venues in both the private and public sectors. 

For further details of the Evac+Chair Power 800, visit the EVAC+CHAIR® website  www.evacchair.com 



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Evac+Char North America LLC
The EVAC+CHAIR® is the original Emergency Evacuation Staircase Chair. There are plenty of copycat competitors, but as usual, the original is still the best. Here’s why:

Our evacuation chair is simple. It works every time. It is intuitive so anyone can use it, even without training or instruction. There are no complicated add-ons to break. No gimmicky features to snag or fail. It simply works, effectively, easily, and does what it was designed to do: save lives.
3000 Marcus Ave, Suite #3E6, Lake Success

(516) 502-4240


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