Demand For Union Carpenters Surges

(Isstories Editorial):- New York, Jun 19, 2018 ( – One result of the new administration in the USA has been the resurgence of the construction and related trades. The demand for construction workers has grown exponentially over the last year and companies have been having difficulty keeping up with the staffing.

One of the fastest growth segments that has difficulty keeping up with demand is union carpenters. More cities and counties are requiring union crews, which has led to a shortage of trained carpenters.

Unlike their non-union counterparts, Union carpenters must serve a rather long period of apprenticing in the field before they qualify as a full service journeyman. This thorough training ensures that all crew members have the highest level of quality and professionalism for every project. This training allows crews to work quickly, accurately and safely at all times. Many clients who have used union crews discover that while the rates are higher, the projects run more seamlessly and efficiently, often saving money in the long run.

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For over 130 years the United Brotherhood of Carpenters, with over half a million members has been a leader in training, educating and representing the future generations of construction professionals. There is no group more committed to building relationships than a union carpenter. The Unions are actively seeking new applicants interested in a satisfying career in the building trades.

One of the most unique programs in the industry is special SHIFT RATE pricing. With a great deal of work available around the country, union carpentry companies are anxious to move their crews on/off projects as quickly as possible. A unique resolution has been shift-rate pricing where trained union carpenters are sent on job sites to provide their skilled labor without pre-fixe project pricing and unnecessary mark-ups and moves the crews on and off projects faster to compensate for diminished availability in some markets.

Martin Chase has been in the union installation business for over a decade and specializes in everything union. He provides union crews in all US cities.

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