Model and Filmmaker releases Book on how Facebook Stopped his Suicide

(Isstories Editorial):- Houston, May 30, 2018 ( – Justin Summers released an ebook called Saved by the Book, which covers how he solved his lifelong depression with Facebook and a Ancestry DNA test, just before he committed suicide.

Summers, a former Fashion Model and Director of the upcoming Documentary, The One Constant, a film that started out about him trying to locate his long-lost Biological Grandfather, but ends up being about solving his depression, found secret support groups on Facebook, dedicated to solving depression through helping each other and looking at alternative treatments.

The Stigma

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Summers believes that, although Facebook was recently voted the worst company for society in America, ahead of McDonalds and Starbucks, per Business Insider, Facebook is still very useful with the connections to friends and total strangers. He says, I know people hate Facebook because some overshare and brag too much, but I was Suicidal and out of options. I didn’t care if they judged me when I said I was depressed and I got so many messages of support, instead.

5 Types of Depression

In the ebook, which will eventually be printed in hardcover form, Summers covers how he solved his Depression and Anxiety from the beginning and how he learned he suffers from unique genetic blood disorder called Pyroluria. The disease is unknown to most Doctors.

Pyroluria affects at least 5 million people in the USA, most of those undiagnosed.

An estimated 18 to 60 Million Americans, suffer from a type of Depression.

Most don’t even know about these five, unique biotypes of depression.

Pyrrole disorder creates a waste product in the blood and causes Zinc and Vitamin B6 to be excreted by the body and not absorbed. One needs those vitamins to produce Serotonin and Dopamine.

The 5 Types of Depression were developed by Dr. William Walsh, an expert in the field of nutritional medicine, who pioneered the role of methylation in mental health and autism.

Hollywood Helped

In the ebook, Summers actually used the five potentially mentally ill characters from the film Little Miss Sunshine, to teach others about the five different types of depressions and how each has unique characteristics and symptoms to look out for.

Drugstore Vitamins

Summers was healed and depression free in less than a week after starting the correct Vitamin protocol for Pyroluria and spent the last year researching and learning treatments on his own. He notes, I developed a strategy and so far, I have helped around 30 people on Facebook and have mailed Vitamins all over the country, all at my expense, but there are still millions more who don’t know about these unique biotypes of depression, which is why the book is free for now, and if I hit my funding goal amount, it will be free forever.

Interested readers can find a direct link to Download the ebook at He has started a Non-Profit, donation-campaign to raise editing funds for finishing the film, where the PDF Ebook for free until June 30th, 2018, even if they can’t give a donation. After that, the ebook price will be under $10 Dollars and found on

The Documentary film is set up as a Non-Profit, 501c3, so any donations are Tax deductible.

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Saved by the Book
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