Gifted Artist Key Rhymez is Dropping Funky Hip Hop and Rap Blends

(Isstories Editorial):- Miami, May 30, 2018 ( – Much awaited artist Key Rhymez makes his grand debut in the music industry through his incredible approach towards music.  This artist who is also known as Kenneth George, who is from Miami, United States displays his brand new talents and skills as a musician as well as a performer. He has his own production label in his own name Rhymez. He works hard to produce musical masterpieces in various music genres like hip hop, hip hop and rap and R&B & soul. He discovered his penchant for rhyming and rapping at a very young age. If you are craving for some immensely gratifying music, then this artist is the one for you.

Apart from the whimsicalness of the concept here, the artists latest track BURN is undeniably an addictive piece of music with a groovy melody-line and dream-like surreal ambience that waork hard to draw you in and keep you hypnotized. The seductively dark as well as brooding aura of this track reaches out and connects with the audiences in a surprising way. This is particularly a release which showcases the artists assets and highlights his ambition and dreams. Everything about this track works hard and makes sure that it leaves you thinking.

Key Rhymez is an artist who lends a certain image and approach to creativity that inspires curiosity and intrigue. His latest track BURN has a notably delicate vibe and the soundscape in this track is really well-crafted and the perfect execution of instrumentation has a serious reflective mood about them. The melody adds to the little vocal snippets and the prominent bounce and rhythms compliment the ideas and concepts associated with it. The artist has really created something unique, unmatchable and something refreshingly new. His musicality will surely get you addicted.

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