Deryck Richardson, of Richardson Marketing Group, Hired as CEO of after Founders Passing.

(Isstories Editorial):- Columbus, May 22, 2018 ( – Hersh Bhansaly had a great idea.  It was to develop a quoting platform that would use artificial intelligence and voice technology to auto correct consumers online application for insurance.  Bhansaly would not live to see the final product though, as he was tragically killed in a car accident in March of 2018.  In the months after his passing, business must go on.  Rao Naveed, CTO and Co-founder of has hired Deryck Richardson to keep Bhansaly’s dream alive.

Bhansaly had a unique friendship with Richardson, CEO of Richardson Marketing Group, and the two had been doing major business together for years.  Richardson said, “Hersh was our biggest vendor, not because he had the best product, but because he was just so sharp and always willing to correct mistakes.  The kid worked day and night to perfect all of his products.  You don’t always get that in the lead business.”

Bhansaly first met Richardson in 2016 when RMG reached out to Bhansaly’s company, Insurability, llc, for a broker deal.  Richardson, who held management positions at both Precise Leads and, had recently started his own business and needed a product to sell.  Richardson was a sales director, but didn’t have a product to sell, nor the patients to create one.

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“I just needed a product to sell to get off the ground. I didn’t have time to make one and I didn’t have money to hire somebody to make one.”  Richardson explained.

RMG quickly began to grow, largely from selling Bhansaly’s telemarketed leads.  “We dressed them up and called them a Call Verified Internet Lead,” Richardson said, “But in actuality, it’s just a telemarketed lead that works well for insurance agents.”

As RMG began to sell more of Bhansaly’s leads, the two CEO’s had a vision.  Bhansaly would create a new, state of the art product, and RMG would sell that product.  RMG, after all, is made up of lead industry professionals.  RMG’s website,, boasts, “Former employees of, Precise Leads, Contactability, and New Pros Communications help to bring over 60 years of combined experience to the table.”

Along with RMG coming on board as a third party sales staff and Richardson coming on board as CEO, Joshua Harris will come along as CFO for Acxela.  Harris is the current CFO of RMG and Richardson’s business partner.  Harris and Richardson have a final expense agency as well.  Freedom Direct,, operates from the same building as RMG and their agents sell life insurance, over the phone, in 17 states.

“We just know insurance and we know leads.  I’m so happy that Naveed reached out to keep this partnership alive.” Richardson said.  “I’m extremely exited to be a part of the future of online quoting engines!”

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