Experience A Starling Audio Visual Experience with Jiano’s Pop Infused Rap Single “Big Face”

(Isstories Editorial):- Los Angeles, May 21, 2018 (Issuewire.com) – The true charm and ecstasy of a music piece to a great extent depends on the presentation style of the artist. When it is about pop, hip hop or R&B genre, only having a beautiful voice texture is not enough. An artist of these above genres must be versatile, multi-skilled and possess a perfect stage presence to become a superstar. One new artist is setting a new dimension in the world music genre is artist Jiano Steaze, the San Francisco native who is all set with an extensive range of music pieces that are going to rock the contemporary music arena. Amongst his many recent projects, the one which is going viral globally is a YouTube music video titled Big Faces. This pop-infused hip hop music piece clearly reveals his artistic skills and sets him apart from all the current music icons.

Artist Jiano is raised in Sacramento and was immensely passionate towards music since his childhood. His family and friends realized very soon that Jiano belongs to the music world and motivated him to nurture his passion. Jiano is obsessed about playing the piano while he is an immensely good rapper with a different rhythmic flaw unparallel to other rappers. He is a celebrated artist in the SoundCloud arena with his profile name Jiano Steaze and has dropped a good number of tracks in the zone. Some of his recent popular tracks are Time to Go, All Day Remastered, All Day and Calling My Phone. All these tracks including the other music pieces in the gala prove his mastery on Pop, hip hop and R&B genre.

Jiano is the recent music sensation in Youtube and his new music video Big faces exemplifies his incredible qualities in this art form. Be it his quintessential voice quality or rhythmic narration, this amazing new talent truly deserves extra attention. Big Faces is his self- produced tracks that have all the essential elements of party banger music. The music video features different young performers with Jiano in the centre. His charming personality and rock solid attitude add credibility to the music pieces. The pop music infused rap song is loaded with introspective lyrics that will keep listeners hooked.

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