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(Isstories Editorial):- Bengaluru, May 17, 2018 ( – With reviews from over 100 accounting software users, announced the best accounting software in 2018. Based on these reviews SuggestNext ranks the top 10 accounting software providers as recommended by the users. Users rated the software on the following 3 criteria: Ease of Use, Customer Support, Meets Requirement.

Most of the best accounting software systems are more similar in their basic structure and different in terms of features. There are modules like general ledger management, invoicing and payment processing which are common for all.

Accounting is one of an integral part of any business, which maintains expenses and income records to streamline financial operations. The importance of accounting cannot be underestimated, which aid accountants and personals in recording and reporting business transactions. The current accounting market can be segmented by the following markets based on the size of companies:

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Accounting Software for Startups / Freelancers / Personal Use

Many free and low cost accounting software available to satisfy the need of this market. Usually these software will have the basic functionalities to meet the need of this segment.

Accounting Software for SMBs

Most of the vendors targeting this segment provides affordable software with all the required functionalities. They should also have the functionality to handle multiple currencies. They should also offer integration with many 3rd party applications.

Accounting Software for Enterprise

The requirement of the enterprise companies will be unique and the vendors targeting this segment should have excellent customization functionality. The implementation time to rollout the software to the entire organization usually takes from 4 months to 1 year depend on the complexity of the customization requirements. The application should support multi-user and multi-currency. They may also need huge integration with their legacy systems and other 3rd party applications.

SuggestNext is an independent software product review website which ranks software products based on the reviews received from users. We have also listed the top 7 accounting software for small business.

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SuggestNexts mission is to help the software buyers make the right decision by providing complete product details and unbiased reviews. Our passion is to make the software discovery process uncluttered across all industry segments. Our experienced market research team monitors the trends in the industry and the user buying behavior and provides suggestions for both vendors and buyers. Using SuggestNext platform we bring in a pool of 3rd party consultants to help the software buyers not only to select but in implementation as well. Our goal is to make the software buying and implementation process seamlessly integrated so that the buyer can get the actual value out of the software in quick time.

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