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(Isstories Editorial):- Sheridan, May 17, 2018 ( – TruBabe, a company that places the safety of toddlers as its priority, is launching two more baby proofing products this month after unleashing three new items in March.

Knowing the presence of many hazards inside the house, TruBabe is helping concerned parents cope with this situation by coming up with preventive techniques and child proofing implements such as electrical outlet covers, door knob safety covers, glass table corner protectors  and the innovative child proof cabinet locks no drilling. These products are user-friendly and installed in any part of the room without the need to hire a handyman. With this approach, TruBabe helps get rid of possible dangers that can hurt babies or kids.

At the moment, TruBabe only sells its baby proofing products in the United States through Since launching, TruBabe run monthly draw which required participating customers to enter their name and email address to win. The monthly lucky winner will be notified via email and will be published on TruBabe blog and social media site. One monthly lucky winner will be receiving TruBabe baby safety products worth $170, which will be delivered by Amazon straight to their door.  To enter to win baby proofing products value of $170 simply go this link to enter TruBabe encourage participants to share this link to their friends and family on their Facebook and Twitter.

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TruBabe devised a variety of remarkable merchandise for the protection of youngsters and babies who are often left to play, crawl, or run around the house while their moms attend to chores in the kitchen or other parts of the abode. To protect them from sharp or blunt areas of the house as well as sharp edges of furniture are corner protectors and table corner protectors for baby. All the items are guaranteed safe, non-toxic and environmental-friendly.

It is an effective form of prevention considering that bumping into different fixtures as well as jagged borders can be painful or even cause serious injuries to these poor kids. These unsuspecting tots are also protected from electric sockets with TruBabes electrical outlet covers childproof safety.

With preventive measures in place for childproofing, parents can worry less as their energetic children creep around on the floor on their hands and knees.

Baby proofing is crucial especially if parents are working or engaged in household chores. Accidental injuries are the leading cause of deaths in American households for babies and children up to 14 years of age. Accidents happen when least expected so TruBabe thought of conceiving these remedies. For instance, corner guards baby proof look like ordinary objects when in fact these are essential products that families need.

Childproofing is an effective technique in making your home safe for the young ones, according to the creative owner of TruBabe.

About TruBabe

The company was established with the primary goal in mind of assisting parents to boost the safety of toddlers and infants in their respective residences. As part of its corporate social responsibility, TruBabegives a certain portion of its income from sales to less-privileged families in the country. For additional information about its promos, check out TruBabes FaceBook page at and like their Facebook page.

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