Two Entrepreneurs Who Have Never Met Launch a Program Together

(Isstories Editorial):- New South Wales, May 8, 2018 ( – In todays digital world, its possible for people to fall in love, form friendships and even create joint global ventures without ever having met in the flesh.

When Rana Kordahi from Sydney Australia approached Michael Chapman, who lives in New Hampshire United States, about collaborating on a project called Selling for Non-Salespeople, they had never even met. Well, they had met through phone conversations and Skype, but that was all.

Over the months, they built trust, as well as a business relationship and even a friendship through the business networking platform called LinkedIn. Rana said that she noticed that Michael had a huge following on LinkedIn and had some of the best recommendations written about him by his employees and colleagues. Once they spoke and got to know each other, she could see why he was highly respected and a much-adored leader. She noticed that he had just left his job to pursue his own business coaching venture, and knew that he would highly be sought out. So she saw an opportunity and jumped on it.

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Last year Michael Chapman made the decision to walk away from corporate life and found that the more he gave on LinkedIn, the more people began to engage and follow him. He says that there is infinitely more that can be accomplished from your own computer in your home on LinkedIn, than you would ever accomplish at a networking event.

For the past 3 months, Michael and Rana have been working around the clock to get the Selling for non-Salespeople 30 Day Program online and done by the deadline. They did it all through weekly calls, emails and WhatsApp messages. The program is now ready, and they are proud of what they have achieved.

The program was created to give non-sales people the tools to sell more and not have the anxiety while doing it. It works on both the skill, resilience, and mindset. As well as an implementation plan for better results. Rana says that often working in the corporate world both on the front line and operations, she saw technically brilliant and smart people who were put in a position of selling and had either awkwardness or anxiety around it.

Michael Chapman who spent a lot of time in operational leadership and sales roles said that he learned early on in his career that he was always selling, whether he was speaking to anyone like a customer, frontline staff, in meetings or expressing ideas.

Although the program has been running for 5 years as face to face training, over the years, Rana has had a huge demand from people asking her to make the content more accessible online, especially from personnel in corporations. She is glad she took this leap with the help of Michael, as there has been an overwhelming amount of interest in the program.

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