Vancouver Canada A Worrying Trend Continuing to Increase

(Isstories Editorial):- British Columbia, May 5, 2018 ( – If you live in Vancouver, Canada or have visited there you may have noticed about the large number of homeless people populating the city. This is showing signs of a disturbing trend.

This year a count of homeless people in Metro Vancouver was conducted in March estimating at 2,138 people either living on the streets or in various types of shelters. In the past 12 years the population has increased by 800 people. Other districts nearby such as Surrey the count is 602 homeless people, Langley (206), and New Westminster (133).

It is a worry trend that is continuing to increase and there is a need for all municipalities and levels of Government to keep working together to build housing. Statistics show homelessness is no longer concentrated to Vancouver. The costs of homelessness are quite substantial for municipalities outside of Vancouver. Vulnerable citizens are not being protected and the problem will not change until there is systemic changes and cooperation between levels of Government.

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Gregor Robertson Mayor of Vancouver, and Mayor Mike Clay of Port Moody launched a campaign in February to pressure the Provincial Government to address the homelessness problems in Vancouver. The Mayors have released a “position paper” that made 12 recommendations that includes the building of 3,000 units of transitional housing by 2019, and increasing the welfare rates for shelter and other services.

There has been a significant investment in housing sites in Vancouver so far in regards to housing sites and created more than 1500 units, buying hotels and other forms of housing. But it isn’t adequate because of the population (of homeless) counts that keeps on rising.

And the entire count of the statistics to date is not complete as it does not represent all the homeless in the region including the surrounding municipalities of Greater Vancouver.


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