Martin Almanza


Martin Almanza covers the Business news across the all us market sectors for He has over 5 years experience writing financial and business news. He is a graduate of the University of Florida graduating with an MBA. He focuses on adding value to investors’ portfolios via thoroughly checked proprietary information and data sources. He has a very strong interest in stock trading, and other various investments.He also covers all  Acquisition & Merger news of different companies.

Geoffrey McDonough


Geoffrey McDonough handles much of this site’s news coverage of technology section. He completed Post-Graduate Diploma in Business Administration with a specialization in Finance from International School of Business and Media (ISB&M). Geoffrey has contributed to major financial websites and print publications for over 3 years. He’s also been a freelance writer explaining a variety of topics in personal finance, including real estate, and investing. he is a well-known writer and financial research analyst for several authoritative financial news publishers.

Joshua Wainwright


Joshua Wainwright provides the U.S. as well as global markets news for is-stories. He writes about the global market, politics, technology and healthcare news. he also covers latest activity, events and trends, economic reports and financial indicators relating to global market and US market. Joshua now lives in Dallas Texas where he works from home as a freelance writer for many financial websites and publications.

 Donald Miller


Donald writes about Dividend news of Healthcare, Services, technology, financial, energy sector companies and other global companies that traded in US market. Before pursuing a financial and journalism career, he graduated from University of Georgia with a degree in Economic and Mathematics. He currently lives in Fort Myers, FL with his wife Heidi.

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