Meet Shruti, The World’s Youngest Chief Creative Officer (CCO)

(Isstories Editorial):- New Delhi, Jun 3, 2018 ( – Each wave of revolution demands a change in mindset and methodology. Breaking barriers, refuting conventions and getting creative are exactly what an enterprise has to do to thrive in our highly competitive world. It follows that the leaders of any organization must be ingenuous and inventive. Meet Shruti. Shes the Chief Creative Officer (CCO) of EducationInsta. After being appointed as the CCO at the mere age of 19, shes the worlds youngest Chief Creative Officer.

Having to constantly switch from one school to another as a child, Shruti identified a major problem. She said, There was a time when I studied in grade VI in one school, grade VII in another, grade VIII in a different one and finally changed schools again in grade IX. Sometimes it would get really confusing to decide which school was best for me and wed just settle for the most popular one. There are too many choices for students and yet not enough relevant and authentic information about educational institutes. Her personal struggle with the whole decision-making process for education, inspired her to take matters into her own hands. Thats when she founded EducationInsta. She believes that just serving information on a website isnt enough. To some extent, the internet already has that provision. She is determined to take an unorthodox and creative approach in all her ventures. I am big on creativity. If you want to capture minds, you can do that by perfecting the method of doing something. But if you want to capture their hearts and souls, youll have to add imagination and creativity to that equation., she added.

EducationInsta is an online platform designed for students to explore study options. Its the worlds only portal to offer exploration on all levels of education — preschools, schools and universities. However, they have not restricted themselves to a mere database. From integrating various tools like psychometric tests, quizzing platform to hosting a full-fledged blogging community, EducationInsta is a dream-come-true for every student across the planet. The primary objective of this project is to ensure that students have access to authentic information and tools to reach an informed decision pertaining to their education. Being a student herself, the need for such a platform resonated with her deeply. With so many options available for students in this era, organizing and streamlining those choices has never been more critical., commented Shruti.

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What sets EducationInsta apart from every education-related website out there, is fairly straightforward — their creative approach. We are done with doing things the conventional way. Its time for change., said CEO Manish Gupta when asked about the decision to appoint a CCO instead of resorting to regular titles of CMO and COO. She is a vibrant young leader. Marketing, product-analysis, sales strategy or any strategy, in fact, are under her purview. The team couldnt have asked for a more versatile talent than Shruti., the CEO added.

The world can certainly use fresh ideas and young minds to create services that are best suited for the new generations to come. While experience and wisdom are fundamentally important for any organization to survive, innovativeness is crucial to thrive. Like every great venture, EducationInsta started with a simple concept and is now on the brink of causing a revolution in the education sector. The progress of EducationInsta, is in many ways, a reflection of my personal growth. Our tagline Educate. Enrich. Evolve, is a three-step model to holistic development, tracing an individuals journey of self-fulfillment and self-sufficiency. answered Shruti, acknowledging questions about the intrinsic meaning of the tagline.  Among her peers, she is known to be a highly driven, intuitive and perceptive person. Shruti always adds value to any conversation shes part of. Her insight and wavelength of thinking are extraordinary and show profound extent of understanding., added one of her team members.

Upon visiting their website —, it is apparent that a lot of thought-process and effort has been taken to make it a truly resourceful portal for students. From hundreds of videos on careers, courses and education, in general, to the overall interface and browsing experience, it can be concluded that EducationInsta is indeed the change the world needed. Under the able leadership of the aforementioned co-founders, EducationInsta is set to transform the education sector for good.

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