16th Annual RobertRobbie Woods Jr III Walk Announced

(Isstories Editorial):- Chicago, May 13, 2018 (Issuewire.com) – The 16th Annual Robert Robbie Woods Jr. III Walk for Peace (No More Guns) is scheduled for May 28, 2018, 10:30 AM – 1: 30 PM on the corner of Fulton/Mason, Chicago(Westside). Founded by Joethel Brown and her family to commemorate the loss of her son and her continued drive to end gun violence in the urban community specifically in Chicago.

Joethel Brown – My main objective is to help put an end to gun violence. It has been 16 long years since this life-changing devastation. Joethel suffered another tragedy when she was diagnosed with sarcoidosis but that did not stop her efforts.  She persevered, it has broken down my body but I will not be deterred from putting together this walk each year.

Gun violence has touched every major urban community in the United States over the last decade and has taken the lives of too many promising young people such as Robert Robbie Woods Jr. III. Not a week goes by without another example of a shooting or street violence involving firearms that should not be so available. According to the statistics,  804 shootings have been recorded in 2018; 1087 in 2017 and 1199 in 2016,  the vast majority in predominantly black and Latino neighborhoods on the citys South and West sides.

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Joethel Brown and her family decided to march for memoriam and solidarity of peace in May 2002. The first march was on a Monday following the Memorial Day weekend.  This walk started because Brown lost her 16-year-old son Robert Woods Jr. III to gun violence (15 gunshot wounds). Since that day, it has been a mission in life for Joethel to help stop gun violence and the pursuit of justice. Her sons case is still unsolved and she and her family are still in prayer for the apprehension of the perpetrators.

Each year, the participants walk in the neighborhood where this devastation happened to demand a cease-fire. We set up on the very spot he was shot.  I can feel his spirit and smile each time we walk.

The neighborhood has changed from a gang and drug corners to people taking care of their property and planting flowers. Many people always participate in this annual walk Family, friends, people in the community, Hope House Ministries, Lawndale Community Church, Joes Drum Line and Genesis Drum Line. Last year, Congressman Danny Davis, Cappie Pondexter (WNBA Los Angeles Sparks), Tamera Young (WNBA Las Vegas Aces), Chicago Police Department Precinct 15 among other local clergyman and non-violence activists.

This year, we would like to welcome our new sponsors Raven Smith of Straight from The Go who donated t-shirts, Fallon Hubbard of The Printed Company who designed the t-shirt artwork, Jossie Anderson, Social Media Flyer Design and Greg Zanis will donate crosses.  We are openly accepting corporate and local sponsorships, donations and group participation for fellowship to make this walk more successful than ever.

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16th Annual Robert(Robbie) Woods Jr. III


16th Annual Robert(Robbie) Woods Jr. III
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