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0 has just announced its wider range of free mobile applications covering not only applications of few particular niches but for all the possible niches. This also includes with not just a few but a huge number of free mobile applications. Their three hottest app is all you need this season.

These free apps for mobile include Fake Call- Fake Caller id. With Halloween around the corner, this might be an ultimate free mobile application for pulling off amazing pranks on your friends. The Fake Caller Id shows any number of choice as your phone number in addition to that it also gives you an option to change your voice so the prank is more fun and less susceptible. The application also allows you to make fake incoming calls from virtual people to save you from awkward or uncomfortable situations.  Apart from this, you can customize your caller id, calling time, ringtones, incoming personal voice and returning wallpaper when an incoming call is disconnected.

Freeappss hot mobile application also includes Bitcoin- Exchange live rates and currency converter. With the world going crazy over crypto currency this the applications that can help you stay updated as well as under budget. This free mobile application gives you crypto currency live rates, accommodates with crypto currency calculator, more than 250 crypto currency and 80+ real exchange rate support. It not only accommodates bit coin coin but features much more crypto currency than this including ATC Coin, Ethereum Coin, Bitcoin Cash Coin, Ripple Coin, Litecoin Coin, IOTA Coin, Dash Coin, NEM Coin, NEO Coin, Monero Coin and BitConnect Coin.

The last but not the least hottest free mobile apps launched by the site is Photo Frames for Christmas – Beautiful Effects. Why spend hours on the computer or laptop trying to find that perfect site that provides free effects for our photos. But worry no more. They have discovered another free app for your convenience. Photo frames for Christmas allow you to decorate your pictures easily. You can easily choose the application or browse from your gallery the picture you want to edit. Select a Christmas photo frame to decorate the picture a bit and apply some beautiful effects from their vast options.

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